Latest News from the Mill


At the Red Mill Maple syrup headquarters, a special project has been brewing up for owner Jean-Sébastien Poulin. We will age some of our maple syrup in a level four “alligator” char oak Rye barrel, to enhance its flavour. The excitement Jean-Sébastien has for this project is indescribable.

We have purchased an oak barrel from a local distiller in Peterborough, Blacks Distillery. It was previously used to age their Miller’s Tool Rye. Our maple syrup will age in the barrel for 28 days, to ensure pristine taste and perfection. Jean-Sébastien will monitor the barrel at a cool temperature and rotate it weekly to ensure the maple syrup is absorbed by the full contents of the oak barrel.

The rye infused maple syrup will be extremely exclusive as it is being made in a very small batch. The product will be available for tasting at one of our open houses this season, don’t miss out on the opportunity to try an exclusive batch of rye-barrel aged maple syrup!

Red Mill Maple Syrup & Blacks Miller's Toll Rye on a barrel
We are using the barrel from a local distillery known as Black’s Distillery.