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Benefits from signing up to a Virtual Challenge!

On a beautiful sunny day, a Fun Virtual Challenge such as “TREE TO TREE LIKE THE BUNNY” during Easter Weekend 2020 or “RUN LIKE THE MAPLE TREES” during Spring 2020 can be the motivation an individual needs to keep moving. With all these measures of self-confinement taking place, nature’s fresh air can be the relaxant during these stressful times. These Virtual Challenges put in place a certain goal, accountability, and tasty incentive. It is proven that time spent outdoors helps to improve overall physical and mental well being. Small successes help to continue reaching other well-being goals to accomplish yourself, in theory, the domino effect. An incentive such as a medallion filled with 100% natural maple syrup is not only a reward but also a keepsake reminding yourself of your accomplishment. These challenges can be a self-goal but also an overall family goal. By getting off the technology and spending time outdoors, this challenge is a great example for young children. For longer distance runners ex. 21k, maple syrup mixed with sea salt is a great electrolyte to keep your glycogen storages full during a long run. Get outdoors this Easter Weekend and complete one of our virtual challenges!

Stay safe everyone!




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