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During the early 1800’s, the mills were the busiest places in town. Long days were spent milling fine flour, cracked wheat and feed for livestock. Hard work is an important part of this town’s history, and we are proud to carry on this tradition by producing hand crafted maple syrup right here in Millbrook. Just like those folks who made premium White Rose Flour at the town’s mills, we are dedicated to our craft, and producing the perfect bottle of maple syrup for you to share around your table.

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All Natural Grade A Maple Syrup

Our process starts by harvesting sap from maple trees and collecting it in our sugar shack. The sap is boiled down over a wood fire, turning it into a delicious all-natural, Grade A maple syrup.

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It’s a Family Tradition

Sebastien Poulin, the owner of Red Mill Maple Syrup, comes from a long line of expert maple syrup producers. It all started in the small town of St-Victor, Quebec where Sebastien’s grandfather started making maple syrup at age 15 to help support his family. Back then they were making a loaf of sugar and selling it for 5 cents a pound. From there a tradition was born, and producing maple syrup became a skill that was passed down to new generations. Each drop of Red Mill Maple Syrup contains decades of expertise and skill to produce the perfect product.

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