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Two Local Ontario, Family-Run Businesses, Biscotti Queen & Red Mill Maple Syrup Unveil New Partnership in Honour of Canada Day!

Biscotti Queen & Red Mill Join Forces to Launch Canadian-Inspired Maple Biscookie for Canada Day’s 155th Birthday!

Toronto, ON, June 27, 2022 – Biscotti Queen, the first ever Biscookie, biscotti-cookie hybrid, announces its collaboration with Red Mill, a premium handcrafted maple syrup producer. The partnership comes in time for Canada Day with the launching of a patriotic flavour: True North Canadian Maple Biscookie.

Since its establishment, Biscotti Queen’s guiding value has remained sourcing quality, local ingredients, and in light of Canada Day, Pastry Chef and owner of Biscotti Queen, Nancy Burkes, desired to honour Canada’s 155th birthday by celebrating with a traditional Canadian delicacy, maple syrup.

The exclusive partnership with Red Mill maple syrup came naturally. Biscotti Queen and Red Mill are both Ontario-based, family owned and operated businesses. Biscotti Queen opened its e-Commerce doors in 2019 as a mother-daughter duo and Red Mill continues to be a multi-generational maple syrup producer.

With maple syrup being one of Canada’s most popular and loved foods, Chef Nancy created a maple syrup infused Biscookie. The True Canadian Maple Biscookie uses Red Mill’s Grade A pure maple syrup and is this year’s choice dessert to bring to Canada Day festivities – picnics, BBQs and family gatherings.

The True Canadian Maple Biscookie is a buttery batter infused with Red Mill’s 100% pure, Grade A dark maple syrup. Packed with maple crumble bits and topped with butterscotch chips, this true Canadian flavour offers a rich and robust taste with a hint of caramel.

“I’ve always maintained family-first values, treating every customer like an extension of my family,” said Nancy Burkes, Biscotti Queen Owner & Pastry Chef. “This includes teaming up with local entrepreneurs to create specialty Biscookies. I love how desserts bring people together, especially as we celebrate Canada, and I’m thrilled to welcome Red Mill to the BQ family.”

As a local female entrepreneur, Biscotti Queen has striven to support fellow local businesses by using locally sourced ingredients.

“It’s important to celebrate through partnership a product that is essentially Canada’s pride,” said Sebastien Poulin, Owner of Red Mill. “That’s why we believe partnering with Biscotti Queen this Canada Day makes total sense. We can’t wait to see what Queen Nancy herself has in store for you!”

This partnership is one with longevity, after Canada Day, Biscotti Queen will continue to use exclusively Red Mill maple syrup. The True North Canadian Maple Biscookie will be available for purchase online from June 27th and will sell throughout July. A box of 12 dozen is $35.

Biscookies + Maple Syrup = true north, strong & yummy!

About Biscotti Queen
Biscotti Queen was established in 2019 by Toronto local Pastry Chef Nancy Burkes. Family owned and operated, Biscotti Queen created the first-ever Biscookie, biscotti + cookie hybrid. Biscotti Queen uses the finest locally sourced, top quality ingredients to make in-house, artisanal Biscookies. Biscotti Queen offers a variety of innovative, mouth-watering flavours that are sold locally in Toronto, ON.

About Red Mill
Red Mill Maple Syrup is a beautiful sugar bush nestled in the rolling hills of Millbrook, Ontario, an hour away from Toronto. Red Mill crafts pure, infused and barrel aged maple syrup. Red Mill transforms maple syrup into beautiful, delicate and decadent maple syrup products. Join our tradition! It all started with his grandfather Victor, who started making maple syrup at age 15 to help support his family in the small town of St-Victor, Quebec. Back then they were making a loaf of sugar and selling it for 5 cents a pound. From there a tradition was born, and producing maple syrup became a skill that was passed down to new generations. Red Mill Maple Syrup’s vision is to be a family-oriented brand. Red Mill strives for you to create memories with your loved ones using their maple syrup. When you think of Red Mill, you will feel happy, grateful & proud!

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