Our Story

Red Mill Maple Syrup was founded on decades of maple syrup production experience.

The owner of Red Mill Maple Syrup, Sebastien Poulin, comes from a long line of expert maple syrup producers. It all started with his grandfather Victor, who started making maple syrup at age 15 to help support his family in the small town of St-Victor, Quebec. Back then they were making a loaf of sugar and selling it for 5 cents a pound. From there a tradition was born, and producing maple syrup became a skill that was passed down to new generations. Sebastien’s father also worked in the maple syrup industry and manufactured and sold evaporators throughout Quebec. As time passed by and new generations were born, the ability to produce delicious, pure maple syrup was never lost.

Now with Sebastien’s company, Red Mill Maple Syrup, he is carrying on the tradition.

From the way the sap is boiled over a carefully arranged wood-fire to knowing exactly how long to boil the syrup, the ability to produce authentic maple syrup is in Sebastien’s genes. Each bottle of Red Mill Maple Syrup contains decades of expertise and skill that you can taste in every drop.