A tried and true process that’s been passed down from generations.

Typically during February when the right temperature hits, we begin to collect pure maple sap. As the sap is collected from trees on our property in Millbrook, Ontario, we start to boil it down over a wood fire in small batches. To achieve the perfect temperature, we carefully arrange and stack dry hard wood under the evaporator.

As the sap boils down, Sebastien, the owner of Red Mill Maple Syrup constantly monitors the boiling sap to make sure the finished product is of a premium quality. By examining the way the maple syrup drips and bubbles, Sebastien knows exactly when it’s ready to be removed from the fire. The maple syrup is immediately tested for quality to ensure it’s 66 degrees Brix, which represents the perfect sugar density of pure maple syrup. The maple syrup is double filtered and bottled while warm to ensure a long shelf life. No preservatives, additives, or colour agents are added. The finished product is a 100% all natural Grade A maple syrup!