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LIMITED EDITION Very Dark Maple Syrup Now Available!

We know a lot of you love the “what’s the darkest I can get” maple syrup. We’ve been holding off a special batch of very dark maple syrup we produced last year in the season of 2022!

What is very dark maple syrup?
To be considered very dark maple syrup, the maple syrup must read under 25 light transmission when using our refractometer. This is our grading system. This means there must be 25% or less amount of light going through the maple syrup sample. 

What does very maple syrup taste like?
Very dark maple syrup can vary in tastes from molasses to caramel to butterscotch. Our very dark maple syrup has a strong, robust maple taste that coats the entire palate. 

Looking to get some for yourself? Visit our website at or drop by our farm store in Millbrook, Ontario to grab a bottle!

It’s perfect for your fall baking!

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