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The beauty of buying maple syrup from local farms!

There is a beauty, an elegance, a delightful discovery when buying maple syrup from a local producer.

Did you know that maple syrup can vary in taste? The beauty of discovering a local maple syrup producer is to understand and enjoy the different flavours produced from day-to-day during the season. On every given day, the maple syrup will develop subtle different flavour profiles. This can be due to the weather, the amount of precipitation, acid rain, the temperature, the freshness of the sap, the time in and out of the evaporator. There are many factors that have an effect on the overall taste of that day’s maple syrup.

Maple syrup is graded by colour. Maple syrup can vary in colour from golden to very dark. Here are a few commonly known colour grades and their most-likely taste according to their colour.

Golden – Light, vanilla, floral, corn syrup taste, delicate.

Amber – Rich, sweet, lasting taste on the tongue.

Dark – Robust, caramel, smokey, butterscotch.

Very Dark – Very robust, harsh, butterscotch tones, cigar, smokey.

The beauty of buying maple syrup from a local maple syrup producer is to appreciate the differences in taste and to find your personal favourite kind of maple syrup.

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