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All Natural Maple Butter! How long does it keep?

This is a super common question we get asked about our decadent all natural maple butter. 

How long does maple butter last? 

First, please keep it refrigerated once you have received it. Why’s is that? Maple butter is a form of controlled crystallization, we transform it while the taffy is cooled down. Which means it cannot be canned or bottled at a temperature above 180 degrees Fahrenheit. This product is capped at a temperature under 180 degrees Fahrenheit, it must be kept refrigerated or frozen.

The typical tub of maple butter can last 2-3 months if kept refrigerated. Your safest and best way to preserve it for long lasting consumption is to keep it frozen in the freezer and taking your tubs out one by one upon consumption. All natural maple butter can last in the freezer for 6 months to 1 year. Though, we suspect it won’t last that long because it so delicious!

We are proud to make a product that is completely natural and free of any kind of preservatives. 

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