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What is maple butter?

Maple butter is a creamy, decadent maple syrup product made from only 100% pure maple syrup. The term “butter” is to refer it to it’s creamy texture.

Maple butter or often called maple cream is solely made with 100% pure maple syrup. Maple butter is made by creating a from of controlled crystallization in which the maple syrup is boiled down into a taffy like texture.

It is then cooled and whipped using either a hand mixer or a maple butter machine which incorporates air into the maple taffy. It is then bottled in jars or plastic tubs. Maple butter is best kept refrigerated due to the fact that it cannot be bottled at a temperature above 180 degrees fahrenheit.

Shop our creamy, delicious, decadent maple butter. We also have a special cinnamon infused maple butter to go along with that.

Ever tried Maple Poutine? Microwave a tub of maple butter and drizzle the creamy, decadent filament all over your maple popcorn, poutine style!

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