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Tree Tapping Experience 2021

This experience is no longer available, the tapping season is over.

Grab a pair of snowshoes & get to tapping! 

This is a visit guided by Sebastien Poulin, the owner & operator of Red Mill Maple Syrup. Sebastien will greet you and teach you the proper way to wear snowshoes, if there is snow of course! He will take you through our magical trails to an untapped area of our property.

There you & your family will learn and perform the tree tapping process. You will be taught the traditional way as well as the contemporary way of tapping a maple tree. You will learn & explore the technology installed on our property, such as the sap lifter, the pumping station, and Sebastien’s art of finding and repairing leaks in our pipeline system. Of course, you will be able to taste the maple sap!

This is a fun day outside with you & your family, learning & exploring the joys of maple season.

If time allows, you will experience a maple tasting in our shop, guided by Jeremy.

*Cost includes complete admission for up to FOUR people. 
*This is a private event, you will be the only family/couple(s) during the time slot booked.
*Snowshoes are provided.
* Masks are mandatory in our shop.
*If COVID-19 restrictions cancel this experience, a full refund will be provided.

Duration : 1-2 hours.